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Centrally located at 87889 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, Florida, we represent clients locally in the Florida Keys, nationally and internationally. Our diverse litigation practice is primarily limited to Monroe and Miami- Dade Counties. We appear in both state and federal courts.


Our philosophy is to personally serve our clients and beat their expectations, at the lowest possible cost. Open dialogue, availability and responsiveness is essential. We strive to provide the highest level of legal services possible and take pride in our team approach, demanding the best of each member of our team.

We are creative and often are called upon to deal with matters that leave other attorneys stumped. We understand the cost, stress and anxiety litigation entails and strive to avoid it through good strategic advice and planning, early settlement discussions and early mediation. Because we are successful in the courtroom, many cases can and do get resolved before trial.

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Divorce & Family Law Service Areas

Our area includes but is not limited to:

Monroe County Divorce & Family Law
Florida Keys Divorce & Family Law
Islamorada Divorce & Family Law
Key Largo Divorce & Family Law
Key West Divorce & Family Law
Upper Keys Divorce & Family Law

Miami-Dade County Divorce & Family Law
Coral Gables Divorce & Family Law
Homestead Divorce & Family Law
Miami Divorce & Family Law
Most Miami Sub-divisions/municipalities
Palmetto Bay Divorce & Family Law
Pinecrest Divorce & Family Law
South Miami Divorce & Family Law

Litigation Attorney Service Areas

Our area includes but is not limited to:

Monroe County Litigation
Florida Keys Litigation
Islamorada Litigation
Key Largo Litigation
Key West Litigation
Upper Keys Litigation

Miami-Dade County Litigation
Coral Gables Litigation
Homestead Litigation
Miami Litigation
Most Miami Sub-divisions/municipalities
Palmetto Bay Litigation
Pinecrest Litigation
South Miami Litigation

Appeals Attorney Service Areas

Our area includes but is not limited to:

Monroe County Appeals
Florida Keys Appeals
Islamorada Appeals
Key Largo Appeals
Key West Appeals
Upper Keys Appeals

Miami-Dade County Appeals
Coral Gables Appeals
Homestead Appeals
Miami Appeals
Most Miami Sub-divisions/municipalities
Palmetto Bay Appeals
Pinecrest Appeals
South Miami Appeals