Islamorada Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

While the law stirs passions in people for many different reasons, one of the most difficult and trying times a person can experience is when they need to call in a family lawyer. Be it over a matter of child custody, adoption, marriage or divorce, family law affects our lives at some of the most pivotal moments. Having a great attorney on your side can help set your mind at ease.

Types of Family Law Cases

Many are confused about what exactly constitutes family law, and the short answer is anything that involves domestic relations. This includes divorce and child custody matters, which are the most common reasons most people consult an attorney, but also many others cases. Some include:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Asset Distribution
    • During a divorce, most courts require marital property to be divided equitably, or fairly
  • Paternity
    • Determining the father either for children born out of wedlock or when paternity is disputed
  • Domestic Violence and Abuse Allegations
    • Proving fitness or unfit status of a parent, and coming up with an appropriate parenting plan
  • Post-divorce Modifications
    • Changing a divorce decree due to a material shift in circumstances, even after the decree has been entered
  • Adoption
    • Drawing up or reviewing agreements
  • Malfeasance or Misconduct
    • Adultery, asset hiding, etc.
  • Civil Unions
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • New Marriages for Same-Sex Couples

Some try to handle these matters on their own, but it is safer and more convenient to hire an experienced attorney.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Florida family law has a reputation for being complex, even among those well versed in these matters. To make it through a family law matter without any potential problems, it is a essential to engage the services of a professional, even if you are well versed in the area yourself. A divorce, adoption, or paternity suit (or any of the other matters that fall under the family law heading) may be terrifying – there are few people who have the wherewithal to handle that and the rigors of bringing a case to court. At a time when missteps can be potentially life-changing, it is best to have an attorney on your side to share the burden. Your children’s future can be adversely affected by errors in a family court case.

The Silver Law Group has experience in many different family law subjects; we make it a priority to keep our clients constantly in the loop, and we tailor our approach to your case so that it works best for your family. If you need strength and determination, we can provide it; if you prefer a gentler touch and more circumspect negotiation, we can adapt to use the tools that work best. When people’s families are at stake, you want the best on your side.

Put Your Family In Our Hands

The last thing you need during a time of massive domestic upheaval is more to worry about. Let the attorneys at the Silver Law Group help carry the load. We offer dedicated personal service at our Islamorada office, and your first consultation is free of charge. Contact us today to discuss your options.