Safety and Security

Annual Crime Report

Emergency Action Procedures (PDF)


Heartstart Defibrillator

Our Heartstart Defibrillator is located just above our water dispenser in the kitchen commons area just north of the primary classrooms on the Adler Graduate School’s top floor.  This defibrillator is user-friendly and, quite literally, cannot be misused.  That is, you cannot hurt anyone with this defibrillator – only help them.  It will not work if its use is unwarranted.

Despite its user-friendly qualities and apparent simplicity, attached is a link to a page which provides information and a demonstration concerning the use of our Heartstart Defibrillator.  For a more elaborate demonstration of our Heartstart Defibrillator, you may also review the DVD that has been placed in the box housing the defibrillator.


School Closing

Dear students, faculty, and staff,

As we anticipate the potential for significant weather, the Adler Graduate School (AGS) would like you to be aware of the processes we follow in making decisions about closing the School or remaining open.

First of all, we will keep a close eye on several sources of information including the National Weather Service, regional weather reports, and MNDOT road conditions reports.  We understand we have students and faculty traveling from well beyond the metro and we absolutely take that into consideration in our decisions. Traveling to and from AGS is always a foremost consideration.

In most cases, we will make a decision about an evening class or classes by 2:00 PM the day of that class or classes.  Similarly, we will usually make a decision about a weekend class or classes by 5:00 AM the day of that class or classes.  The decision to cancel classes can only be made by the Adler Graduate School’s President, who will make those decisions in consultation with faculty and staff. 

Ultimately, we will decide to: 1) remain open; 2) remain open, but waive any attendance consequences for those who determine it is too difficult and/or dangerous to travel; or 3) cancel all classes.  If classes are cancelled, they will usually be scheduled for make-up as soon as possible.

Please pay close attention to your email for updates whenever School closures are possible.  We will also post information on the front page of our website –

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

December 2017